Shadow Council Pin (Benefitting Child's Play Charity)

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"Nos Tua Opera Placeant"

May your labors please us 

Every pin benefits Childs' Play Charity - as we donate our profits after costs to the amazing organization run by the good good people of Penny Arcade.

Quantities Limited


Now available to ship as of 1/1/2018


A pin to represent allegiance and membership of the darkest of councils;  a beacon for conventions;  a limited-time opportunity to rep the SC.  A chance to support the Childs Play charity, started by the Penny Arcade Corporation and dedicated to raising funds to support children's hospitals by providing games and entertainment and emotional support for young patients;  a boon in serious times.

This pin is all those things.  After costs are covered, our profits will go to Child's Play Charity, so every pin purchased helps kids in need.




While we seek to share these at convention floors in droves, this is the first time we will be making them, and we are doing so in limited quantities, online.  As PAX EAST nears, we will create a pre-order page to buy for pickup on the floor of the convention.


1.25" diameter

enamel with metal backing


may our labors please you.

 PS: Learn more about Childs Play at This link.